As California and Arizona have led the charge in Telehealth as the populations and traffic increases have made it difficult for patients to get to their doctor's office or clinic.

Telepiphany was an early adopter and supporter of Telehealth providing solutions for Stanford Hospital to Cisco for their employee on campus clinic for Dermatology. I also designed and oversaw the implementation of Cisco Telepresence with the San Francisco 49ers and the team physician located on the Stanford campus. This was one of the first installations in the NFL.

I have had the opportunity to deploy similar solutions at Scottsdale HealthCare (Honor Health) and at Stanford Children's Hospital for remote Psychiatric sessions remotely.

I have a great passion for the deployment and use of Telehealth as I am also a patient who often uses the technology as well.

Mike's accomplishments in Telehealth include

  • Telehealth between a Bay Area hospital and a local National Football League Team.
  • Behavioral HealthTelehealth using iPads for distant college students and their doctor's who were located in the Bay Area.
  • Dermatology weekly sessions between physicians in Palo Alto and a Fortune 500 company on site clinic located in Silicon Valley to reduce employee time spent away from the office.
  • Reduced travel for patients in Northern Arizona to see specialty doctors in Phoenix & Scottsdale
  • Telehealth global visits between physicians in Palo Alto to China & the Phllipines
  • Telehealth domestic visits between physicians in Palo Alto to Eureka, Sacramento, Salinas, Portland, Monterey and numerous locations throughout the Pacific coast